We offer professional  makeup Artist services and products for any occasion or event that  you can dream of​!  




*Home Makeup Party's  

*Fashion Shows 

*Natural and Vegan Makeup 

*Natural based Skin Care Products

*Beauty and Wellness Retreats

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​​Our goal is to give you the look that you desire and to bring out your unique inner vibrant glow! ​

We can assist with everything you will need to be ready for your occasion  ​​or event! ​​


*Relaxation and Focus 

*Skin Care 

*Natural Healthy Makeup 

​*Body firming Routines​ 

​*Wellness Preparation Packages

Because we are also a wellness company, we offer "Wellness preparation" to help you create the strong mind and body that will assist you  prior to your event so you are ready to enjoy your occasion to the fullest!  

 Color has an energetic affect on our health, so we will pay close attention in choosing the right colors for your unique needs and desires.  

We offer natural easy makeup in addition to chakra color makeup as well for a more intense and vibrant look for fun and high energy.